Only one real change today, but it wasn’t exactly straightfoward.  My quick fix yesterday (# of posts/page) exposed a different issue concerning the navigation links.  Clicking on the numbered links would give a page not found error.  A friend of mine and I noticed that the linked pages didn’t correspond to the navigation destinations, which was a clue.  After some searching online and (enjoyably) reading people snap at each other on WordPress forums, I got the impression that the solution involved my permalink options.  While that was something I probably should have adjusted anyway, the real fix came from checking one of the debug boxes in the Comicpress options.  It basically was designed to exactly fix my issue, which was kind of impressive.  To be honest, I kind of get a kick out of when those little problems creep up.  They’re fun to solve!  I knew it was yerked up yesterday when I went to bed but I figured that would be today’s adventure (which it was).  While I was at it, I made a longer gradient background for the site anyway.

So, given that I don’t have a lot to show for today, I’m going to step things up and set actual goals for the weekend (this oughtta be good).  I need to storyboard the second strip, then sort the third out as well.  Once I’m through those, the rest of the episode should fall into place nicely, as I’ve got most of the dialogue worked out in my head already.