Yesterday I watched Danielle Corsetto‘s Ustream where she drew one of her strips online.  Very cool too watch, and very motivating for me to do my own work.  I storyboarded the 5th strip last night, then today I did the 6th after I watched the bonus content on the Batman Beyond box set dvd.  It included a special about DC Comics’ history which was pretty interesting, especially the ups and downs of the comic book industry.

It turns out that this first episode of mine only needs six strips, so I’d like to think I’m getting somewhere.  My next steps are refining the storyboards to where I can work off of them more easily and doing a little character design for some NPCs:  The first counter-villain, the first hero, and my standard minion-type.  From there I should be good to actually start drawing the damn thing.

A old friend of mine and I had polar opposite strategies concerning getting things done.  I was the type to get my ducks in a row (sacrificing time), and his style was to just do it (sacrificing quality).  I’m learning the virtue of riding the line between the two, and it’s definitely gotten me further than I have in the eons since I’ve started this venture.

Here’s to more ducking and running.